Solve immersive simulation challenges that are YET not solved.
Who we are
A boutique experienced in science & innovation, we ideate, validate and develop concepts, solutions and technologies for interactive realtime immersive simulation
Alps trained quality
Inspired from an unique business and natural environment, we include our experiences into our work.
Science, technology, management
We base our approach into a 20+ years background in different synergic disciplines, touching all the points in innovation and risk management.
Excellent partners network
We work never alone, having developend and ever expanding partners network all around EU with research institutions, companies and professionals.
.... greenfield ....
With experience ranging from multinationals to start-ups we are able to innovate into the unsolved challenges.
Challenges we worked on
How is possible to simulate in realtime the interaction of a vehicle with a non-linearly compressible surrounding terrain?
We invested more than one year in develop a technical approach able to clear the feasibility of the project, working with dozen of end users, research institutions and technology specialists.
How is possible to dynamically render the status of smoke propagating from a fire in a closed environment?
We are evaluating and prototyping technologies in a specific case study we developed for one of our customers.
How is possibile to provide cloud based interactive contento to a Head Mounted Display?
We completed the feasibility study, contacting all the relevant players in term of realtime video compression, HPC, ultra low latency networks, foveated rendering, AI-image reconstruction.
How can I efficiently create kilometers of localized realistic buildings facades?
We completed the feasibility study, partnering with research specialists in facades generation based on real world data and selecting the best providers for city geodata layers.
What we are specialized on
First person interactive simulation
Autonomous or fixed, single or multi user, tunnelling or healthcare, different locomotion systems, we provide simulators able to reproduce the user experience the company is not able to train his workers on.
Vehicle based simulation
Based on our location characteristics we are especially interested into off-road simulation, but we are also developing technologies needed for on-road.
Contacts and Location
Feel free to write, call, and visit us. We really love to exchange info with interested couunterparties we can create projects with.
+39 0471 155 16 40 info@ebitmax.com
Via Ipazia, 2 - NOI Techpark - 39100 Bolzano - SouthTyrol - ITALY
Bolzano can be reached trough E45/A22 highway, trough ABB or Trenitalia railway or from Bolzano, Verona or Munich airport.